My Hero Academia Merch: The Ultimate Shopping Guide

My Hero Academia is one of the hottest anime to come out in recent years, and it’s also brought with it a ton of excellent merchandise. Everyone wants to be like All Might or sport Badman’s fiery red ‘do, but where do you start? That’s what this guide for all things My Hero Academia mha merch aims to answer.

First up are shirts – they’re always a good place to start when you want some new threads. These twelve options are something any fan would love to wear whether they dress casually or try hard.

1) Boku No Hīrō Academia T-Shirt

This white shirt has large text that reads “Boku no Hīrō Academia” (My Hero Academia). It’s a great shirt for casual fans of the show.

2) Boku No Hīrō – ALL MIGHT T-Shirt

This white shirt has All Might in his hero form on the front. He looks like he’s throwing out some punches, and it’s pretty flashy.

3) Boku No Hīrō – Present Mic T-Shirt

This blue shirt shows Present Mic looking over to the side as if he’s talking to someone off panel. If you’re a fan of his style, this is a good option for a My Hero Academia t-shirt.

4) I Am Here! T-Shirt

This shirt is a reference to All Might’s motto of being a hero. It also has the same text on it as IzukuMidoriya’s first hero notebook from the show, so this is a good option for fans who want something casual but subtler.

Going on from shirts are accessories. These items will let you wear your fandom even when you’re not just chilling at home.

5) Boku No Hīrō Academia Badge Set

This set of badges includes Izuku, Tenya, Shota Aizawa, KatsukiBakugō, OchacoUraraka and TsuyuAsui. They’re great because each character is holding their favorite thing (for example, Izuku is All Might).

6) Boku No Hīrō Academia Cushion

This cushion comes in eleven different colors – pink, blue, green, white, yellow… you get the picture. The main image is the logo for the show with other characters surrounding it (one on each side). It’s a really high quality pillow that will look great whether you use it to sleep or just have it sitting somewhere.

If you’re a fan of the anime series, then you should definitely consider buying one of these figures. They’re nice to have around whether it’s for admiring or if you want to reenact a favorite scene from the show.


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