How To Maintain Proper Meat Prep Rooms?

Meat preparation is a technique that involves activities right from slaughtering and cutting to processing. Hygiene is an enormous factor in this. There are several sources of contamination and infections. Honestly, any number of things could go wrong. This is why slaughterhouses are generally isolated to control the environmental quality. Maintaining the meat prep rooms involve many diverse elements.

Facilities required

Meat preparation rooms demand certain facilities that cannot be neglected.

  • Flooring:Meat processing is done with various liquids and curing solutions that are bound to spill everywhere and make an absolute mess. For this very reason, wooden floors are not desirable. Wood will absorb the meat juices, gathering moisture leading to fungal growth and other infections. Waterproof materials, plastics or concrete are usually considered suitable for flooring.
  • Drainage systems:Another essential facility, a properly functioning drainage system is aprerequisite for good waste disposal. Biological wastes need to be disposed of off before it creates havoc. The drains need timely servicing to keep them free of clogs and microbial growth.
  • Water supply: The place needs to have a full-time water supply for processing as well as cleaning up afterwards. The blood, tissues and other materials cannot stay forever on the floors or walls.
  • Lighting: Even though it may seem immaterial, good lighting is relevant to the meat preparation. The meat needs to be seen properly to detect any visible damages. It is necessary for sanitary reasons as well.
  • Freezers: The processed meat need to be frozen to prevent spoils. Refrigerators with power supplies need to be installed. Even if the electricity goes out, it is vital to set up a backup generator.
  • Wash and sterilization: There should be abundant provisions for washing the materials and sterilizing them if the need arises. This need to be built close to the meat prep

Meat prep stations need to be as safe and clean as they can be. The meat is consumed by thousands of people, and even a small disease outbreak is enough to affect a large population.The hygienic conditions are not up for negotiation. All the essential facilities with sanitary conditions can work hand in hand to create a healthy meat preparation environment.