Why should I hire a private lawyer if the court has already assigned me a free lawyer?

Sometimes many clients who have been prosecuted doubt to know why should they hire private lawyers when they already have a free court-appointed lawyerThis is a legitimate question, and people unfamiliar with the judiciary have every right to ask this question.

If you are entitled to a free lawyer, you may be wondering if it makes sense to hire a private one. Of course, every case is unique and every person is unique in their way, but in general, there are several legitimate reasons to hire criminal lawyers in brampton if you have the means to do so.

You can hire a private lawyer based on your searches, recommendations from friends and family, work experience, language and cultural preferences, online reviews, and more. While many free attorneys have extensive litigation experience, you have no control over who gets assigned to your case; this way you can get both a very experienced lawyer and a recent law graduate. Especially in cases involving petty crimes, most Legal Aid Society employees will typically have less experience than a private attorney who has been practising for many years.

While your free lawyer will show up in court on court days and typically answer your calls and emails, his caseload will be several times that of a private lawyer. That is why a private lawyer can spend much more time dealing with your case, whether in the office, on the phone, via zoom video conference, or by exchanging email.

Some people may be absolutely fine with limited communication with a lawyer about their case, and maybe only interested in the successful completion of the case. They may have patience and endurance, and they will never be the first to call their lawyer, only appearing in court when they are told.

At the same time, many clients were extremely concerned about their situation and needed constant detailed explanations and support regarding their case. Such clients may call us dozens of times, and they must patiently explain their situation, spending as much time as necessary, also explaining the rules of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the actual practice of negotiating with prosecutors in local and federal courts based on our knowledge and experience. A free lawyer will not be able to spend that much time giving a variety of explanations and answering all the questions that a client may have simply because he or she has so many more cases to deal with.