dog overdose on CBD

What Can Be The Effects Of overdosing CBD In Dogs?

CBD is the abbreviation of Cannabidiol, a chemical found in the Cannabis plant. This chemical isn’t present in all cannabis species, but it’s ubiquitous in Cannabis strains that are eradicated industrially for its resinous glands called Trichomes or ‘Hairs.’

The CBD contained by those Hairs can produce many different products such as salves and oils. Those products have been populating health-food stores around the world rapidly during last years. But what is this substance? How can we use it? And Why?

To answer these questions, we must know a little about cannabinoids. To say it, cannabinoids are complex molecules with a specific structure that our body recognizes as endogenous compounds (our body produces them). We have an endocannabinoid system in our central nervous system that regulates many functions such as our mood, pain perception, and appetite. Our body interacts with the phytocannabinoids contained by cannabis plants to control this system.

CBD is one of those cannabinoids, but it isn’t psychoactive. This means it doesn’t get you high, making it ideal for medical uses designed solely to take care of your well-being. For example, the best cbd oil for dogs has been used to take care of people with different kinds of epilepsy. The chemical blocks the entry of certain neurotransmitters, thus preventing their interaction with receptors and reducing convulsions produced by partial seizures generated by the brain’s limbic system (the emotional control center).

CBD oil Works In The  Body’s Of A Dogs

CBD has also been used to reduce anxiety. It helps people overcome their fears, stimuli that the body perceives as dangerous but not harmful for health. CBD prevents things like panic attacks, paranoia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. CBD can relieve pain in a way similar to opiates or analgesics since it impacts the same receptors in our brain. This makes it an alternative to addictive substances without any side effects at all. But what about its adverse effects? What can happen when you take too much of this chemical? Let’s find out!

What Are The Effects Of Overdosing CBD In Dogs?

Suppose your dog ingests excessive amounts of CBD. He’ll experience several symptoms in that case because cannabinoids affect different parts of the body in different ways (some of them can be more widespread than others).

The first thing you’re going to notice is your dog’s coordination. That’s because that this chemical affects his motor functions. It can make him clumsy, fall more quickly, and stumble over small objects. CBD also induces drowsiness, so your pet will feel lazy and sleepy throughout the whole day. Your pet may become apathetic towards things he used to like, like food or even play.

Some dogs may show some anxiety symptoms if they are susceptible to the changes produced by the chemical at their endocannabinoid system. This could lead them to have a second case of aggression or start barking for no reason, being very reactive to external stimuli.