Understand the difference between MIG vs TIG welding

If you are new to the welding process, then it is easy to be overwhelmed with the different types of processes. It can be difficult for you to choose the right type of welding process. You need to choose the right type of welding technique based on the metal or material you choose. Also, you need to find a technique that is easy to complete and less expensive compared to other techniques. To choose the right type of welding technique you need to understand tig vs mig for aluminium welding. Read below to know their differences and choose the best welding technique.

TIG welding VS MIG welding:

TIG and MIG are the most popular types of welding processes. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. But you have to choose the right technique based on your project work and which process helps you to achieve the best results. Also, you need to consider your experience before choosing this method.

TIG is known to be a difficult welding type and so it is mostly preferred by experienced welders. It is one of the methods where you could complete the process with no filler metal, but if you wish to add the filler then you need to feed it by hand. The best aspect of this technique is that it does not require any cleanup.

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MIG welding is the most common process preferred by many welders. It is because the technique is easier to learn. Therefore, this method is preferred by many new welders. If the procedure is done perfectly, then you could expect a smooth and visually appealing weld. Below are some differences between tig vs mig for aluminium welding that you should learn before choosing the type.

Speed:MIG is well-known for its faster procedure. Many welders prefer MIG welding due to its higher production rate. Whereas TIG welding is slower compared to MIG.

Difficulty:If you do not have experience in welding, then MIG is the right option for you. Because with TIG procedure you have to use both hands that are harder for you. Whereas MIG procedure is an easier technique and can be handled without any hassles.

Technique:One of the major differences between these two methods is the technique. MIG welding uses a wire electrode to create the weld. On the other hand, TIG welding uses separate filler material.

Thus, the above are few differences between these two methods. Choose the right type of method based on your project goal.