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Understand Do Not Disturb options on Samsung phones

It’s sometimes necessary to just put your phone down and take a break from the daily chaos. Being creatures of habit, we can’t help but pick up our phones and get sucked back in as soon as we see, feel, or hear a notification. Thankfully, the majority of phone manufacturers now include do not disturb (DND) settings that let you temporarily turn off the sound. It mutes all of your incoming calls, text messages, and alerts so you can concentrate on what you’re doing.

On your Samsung device, the Do Not Disturb option mutes all incoming calls, alerts, and notifications. The way this function operates may be altered, so you can instruct it to only accept calls from specific contacts or to limit which apps’ notifications can be audible.

Samsung provides a variety of Do Not Disturb features. You can specify the duration of the setting’s activation, create a schedule, add exceptions, and even decide whether to hide notifications.

How much time?

Choose from until I turn it off, a set period of time, or Ask each time. When you engage the Do Not Disturb mode via Quick Settings, the last option essentially lets you choose the length of time that it will be in effect.

Samsung Android phones Schedule:

You can create one or more schedules for the Do Not Disturb feature in Schedule. For instance, you can create a sleeping schedule and choose to have it automatically turn on at 10 p.m. and turn off at 7 a.m. every day. For weekends when you might wish to sleep a little later or a little longer, you can also have multiple settings.

Notifications hidden:

While the feature is engaged, you can instruct the Do Not Disturb feature to hide all or certain notifications. When you don’t want to be distracted by new notifications appearing on your phone’s screen, this is helpful.


You can decide whether you want the phone to ring when someone tries to reach you more than once and which callers will not be muted. Additionally, you may decide if you want to receive notifications for conversations and messages from any contact. There are other settings for whether or not media content should continue to be audible while DnD mode is in effect. Finally, you may configure which applications can annoy you while in DnD mode.

How To Enable or Disable Do Not Disturb Samsung Galaxy S20, Long-press the Do Not Disturb symbol in the Quick Options to access the Do Not Disturb settings. In the Settings app, you may also select the Do not disturb option under Notifications.