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How many weapons can you keep at home

According to Legislative Decree 104/2018, which updates 110/1975, the maximum number of weapons allowed to keep at home is:

3 common firearms

12 long or short sporting weapons

Unlimited number of shotguns and carbines provided for by art. 13 of Legislative Decree 157/1992

8 among ancient, artistic or rare weapons

Unlimited number of melee weapons and close range

If you need to own more weapons at home than those permitted, a special storage or collection license is required which is issued by the prefect and is obtained only with particular motivations relating to sporting and/or professional activities Micro Conversion Kits

An interesting thing to know is that gun parts DO NOT accumulate between guns: therefore, for example, if you have a gun with three conversion kits for as many calibres, the gun reported is always and only one, the kits conversion kits are simply parts of weapons and as such they do not stack or encounter particular numerical limits in detention. The same goes for magazines which, according to current legislation, must be reported when they exceed the capacity of 10 rounds for a rifle and 20 for a pistol.

How much ammunition can you have at home

With regard to ammunition, according to art. 97 TULPS it is possible to hold up to:

Micro Conversion Kits

200 common weapon cartridges

1,500 shotgun shells

5 kg gunpowder

The Ministry of the Interior already specified a few years ago ( circular 557/PAS.10611-10171.(1) of 7 August 2006 ) that, as far as ammunition is concerned, the owner is required to promptly report the purchase, but he is not required to report the decrease , due to consumption, nor the subsequent replenishment with regular purchase.

In other words: if I don’t have even one cartridge to report, and I decide to buy 50 9×21 cartridges, if I don’t shoot them within 72 hours but intend to keep them, I will have to go and present the report certifying the purchase and the possession of the cartridges in question. However, if I already have 50 cartridges in my complaint, I shoot them and then buy them back, I won’t have to go and file a new complaint, because the quantity of cartridges in my possession is always the same. And I won’t be required to update the complaint even if a day, a month, a year passes between when I have used up the 50 cartridges and when I decide to buy the new 50.