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Guide to Know about Public Relations

Public relations professionals are in charge of fostering positive relationships among their clients, their clients’ audiences, and the general public. The founder of PR firm Ronn Torossian is frequently employed to establish, maintain, and restore a company’s or brand’s reputation.

Typical roles in public relations

Social and corporate responsibility

Public relations increases the company’s reputation for ethics, environmental responsibility, and community and charity activity related to community participation says 5WPR founder. This aspect of public relations can impact a company’s operations. A CSR public relations officer may advise the company to alter its entire recycling policy or business strategy.

You’ll need the ear of the corporate management to be a competent CSR officer, which requires networking, people skills, persuasion, and the ability to endear yourself to your coworkers.

Media relations

Writing press releases, scheduling interviews, and holding press conferences are part of media relations. The goal is to get good press for your business or product. Essentially, you want the media to advertise your business for free.

Creating a ‘hook’ to attract audiences is crucial in media relations. You can spot a captivating story that will get covered by the media. You’ll also need the ability to get the tale out there, which varies by role. Copywriters craft snappy, well-written press releases while firm spokespersons take the podium and deliver press conferences. One person is in charge of everything in smaller businesses.


Ronn Torossian

Public affairs

Getting the government on your side is what public affairs, often known as lobbying, is all about. Assume you sought a change in farming regulations so you could charge more for your product. You’d need to call a minister, persuade them of your case, and present them with material so that they can confidently discuss your problem and advocate for you.

Professionals in public affairs seek to establish relationships with government officials and other organizations. They’re friendly, persistent, and a little devious at times. Find out more about a public-policy profession.

Crisis management

A faulty product must get recalled, an oil tanker spills, an employee accuses the malfeasance corporation, or the CEO gets arrested for public obscenity. These issues can tarnish the company’s image and must get addressed as soon as possible.

Crisis managers are quick thinkers who understand how to manipulate a situation. They are capable of leading teams and delegating responsibilities. They are familiar with all forms of media and can determine which issues require a news conference and which can get resolved with a single tweet.