Capital Investment- The Businessman’s Passport to Fly

 A growing or ongoing business requires capital investment. It may be in the form of debt financing or equity financing from angel investors or venture capitalists. Capital Investment in business has two different types of usages. First is to purchase a fixed asset such as land, building or machinery. Second, capital investment refers to money invested which will be used to buy fixed assets rather than to cover the daily expenses of a business. Jamaican Business Loans provide you loans to fulfill your financial requirements. This loan service provides a loan to micro-enterprises also who do not have the security to get access to the loans.

Objectives in Capital Investment

There are three reasons to make capital investments for a business. Following are three of them:

  • For purchasing new machinery and types of equipment to take advantage of them for increasing efficiency and reduce costs.
  • For replacing existing fixed assets such as vehicle or machinery, an aging laptop or computer.
  • To increase unit production, add value for the expansion of a business.

So, capital investment is considered as an important part of the economy. When a loan is provided, banks make sure to check the business plan and its capital investment. One invests when he is confident that his business will grow in the future. Seeing this confidence and passion to work, Jamaican Business Loans provide micro, small and medium loans. Micro and Small loans are provided in the spectrum of J$10,000 to J$1.5 M. Small and Medium loan limits from $1 M to $20 M.


For large- scale industries, it is the best option to purchase loans from these services. Decisions of capital investment may be called ‘Capital Budgeting’ in financial terms. These decisions make sure that the returns of the funds are made as to the best possible returns. Now, capital investment works in two different ways:

  • The company executives make a capital investment to buy long term assets that help it to grow faster. These are the physical assets.
  • A financial institution or an individual may invest. Under this, cash is handed over in promise to the return of it.

Capital Investment has no minimum or maximum value. It benefits a company in the long run by investing in its future. So, invest in your businesses and get access to the services of ACCESS to Financial Services.