Are you planning on buying a sword?

When you are planning to buy a sword but do not know what to look for, you are in the right place. This article can help you buy the right samurai sword by listing out several things that you need to consider when you are buying one. Without paying attention to these things, there are more chances for you to end up buying the wrong one that is not worth the money you spend at all. Therefore, it is recommended for you to read this article to the last and get a clear view of the sword.

No matter whether you wish to buy a katana for just displaying it on your wall, cutting, or training, this article will let you know what to consider. This way, you can get the exact sword you are looking for. In addition to that, there are some questions you need to ask before settling on one and also reviews about the samurai sword.


  • Before you are buying one, you need to ensure that they are real swords and not fake ones. The real ones are made of carbon steel which is tough to break. Also, keep in mind that the carbon swords are a bit more expensive than others. It is because of the making process which is properly heated and tempered. When you look for real swords, you have to check for their balance. Also, these swords are not able to break no matter how much energy you give to break them. Therefore, you need to ask whether the sword is made from carbon before buying one.
  • There is another crucial thing that you need to pay attention to while you are thinking of purchasing a sword. It is nothing but the cost of the katana and being a first-time katana buyer, by knowing how much you need to pay for the sword with experts, you will not be fooled. But keep in mind that functional swords are costlier than normal ones that are used as ornamental wall hangers. So, before you are buying one ask whether the quality of the sword is worth the price they are asking.

By keeping the above listed points in mind, you can end up purchasing the best sword either offline or online. I hope this article has delivered some valuable information to you and helped you well in the monkatana buying process. So, train safely and stay sword savvy.