Wan Bridge Group-Leading And Premium Rental Service Provider In Texas

Wan Bridge Group is a vertically integrated developer, operator, and asset management company for single-family homes (SFR) in Texas. Since 2016, we have been actively acquiring, developing, and managing communities in demanding cities across the country.

Wan Bridge currently manages more than $600 million in SFR assets and investment portfolios. Sales have increased by more than 100% year-on-year, and there are ambitious plans to open more wards and add 1,000 houses in 2021.


  • Functional and easy-to-maintain houses with shared services
  • Wealth manager
  • Manage investment portfolios for investors looking for low-risk investments
  • Property management
  • Internal property management

Their mission

Wan Bridge Group aims to create a unique group of people that responds to modern people’s new lifestyles and allows them to live a problem-free and family life with a sense of community.

Why chose them

There is a history of rental projects or agents getting out of hand. However, the design and renting should not be messy or cumbersome. The design designer is a trusted consultant to the owner during the design and construction process, leading to the final product that can be achieved. They provide the best rental spaces for all kinds of needs and wants.

What sets them apart

Their public rental products range from low-area-density apartments to medium-density residences, including duplexes, triples, and townhouses. WB Properties offers an open floor plan with a 3m ceiling, a large kitchen island, storage space, dressing room, and bedroom, as well as a spacious bathroom suitable for all homestay families. In addition to high-efficiency electrical appliances, energy-saving double-glazed windows, ultra-high-density insulation, landscaping, and property maintenance are all included in the monthly rent to provide tenants with a comfortable lifestyle. After all, tall windows can let in more natural light, and our communities usually have large green spaces, jogging tracks, dog parks, and children’s playgrounds.

One Bridge Leadership Team

Led by a team of experienced professionals with over 200 years of experience, we are in a unique strategic position to take advantage of favorable market conditions.

Contact them today to negotiate a quote or know more about their company and projects. They have excellent customer care service.